Workshops are ideal for individuals who want to jump-start their healing or further their personal development. They are an excellent source of renewal.

Participants work on meaningful issues in a concentrated format allowing them to enhance their personal journey. Weekend and 5 day workshops are available throughout the year in both Boca Raton and Los Angeles. Click               or call us at 888-684-3618

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Brian Satt, PhD.

Shari B. Kaplan, LCSW

Individual and Telehealth Sessions - Individual therapy and life-skill coaching sessions are available with licensed mental health clinicians who specialized in integrative mental health and traditional therapeutic approaches. Individual sessions are available for children, adolescents, young adults and adults in one of our offices or via our telehealth website. 

Couples Work  - Couples work is focused on learning the skills for developing loving, meaningful and fun connections with your partner. Rejuvenating intimacy and love making are significant areas of the relationship that are enhanced through communication and trust building skills and exercises. 


Our peaceful settings by the beaches, offer beautiful, fun and tranquil environments for participants to find hope, overcome their challenges, develop their mind, body and soul and move on to living more fulfilling lives. 

Participants receive customized programs and services that are formulated to include each individual's physical, emotional, spiritual and environmental factors that affect their day-to-day living .

All of our Integrative Programs include diversified therapeutic approaches including: traditional and experiential therapies; CBT; EMDR: mindfulness, breath work, self-regulation skill training, meditation, music and movement, improvisational theatre communication and somatic experience exercises, sensory processing, fitness and the brain, yoga, qi gong, krav maya, nutrition education, acupuncture and more...

​                                                 We are here to help you adapt, heal and overcome.

                                      You can build a life you will love. It is your choice to choose. 



INTENSIVE PROGRAMS - Intensive programs are one-on-one programs for individuals that are based on

the integrative mental health model and run 2 hours a day, 5 days a week for 6 weeks. Intensive programs

are designed for individuals who need more concentrated work on overcoming their challenges and

developing the skills to launch and maintain their daily life plan for good health and well-being.


 Build the life you want to live.

CAN'T TELL FOUNDATION - The Can't Tell Foundation is a 501(c)3 not for profit foundation

that provides funds and treatment in the area of integrative mental health and well-being

approaches, for individuals who are affected by mental/behavioral health disorders, addictive behaviors,

abuse, sexual assault and other traumatic stresses. 


Shari B. Kaplan, LCSW is a licensed clinical social worker, and the founder of Can’t Tell Foundation.
Since 1991 I have worked professionally with hundreds of patients whose lives have been literally shattered by mental health, addiction and trauma. My experiences as a clinician in this field made me an advocate for these people who were in such turmoil they needed help applying for basic assistance or to escape an abuser or get additional treatment. I thought I could truthfully say “I’ve seen it all.” I had not reckoned with the possibility this could one day be me.

I was born and raised in Verona, NJ, a small town not far from New York City.  When I was five, I was in a horrible bicycle accident that left my face severely disfigured. As a result, I was bullied by classmates and others throughout my childhood.  When I was old enough, a very competent plastic surgeon erased the physical scars of my childhood.  Thanks to the Grace of God and an amazing therapist I was also able to release the past trauma from bullying and move forward in my life.

At the start of my freshman year at Ithaca College, I watched in horror as a fellow student leapt to his death because he was tormented by bullying. I related to that young man and realized that it could have been me. I knew his pain.  I knew how unbearable it is to wake up in the morning and know that you will be taunted by your peers just because you showed up for your day. I was fortunate to make it out alive. 

After college I went on to receive my masters in clinical social work from Fordham University. This afforded me the opportunity to work with many others who suffered mental/gbehavioral health disorders, addiction and trauma from bullying, abuse and sexual assault. I understand how painful it is to live in your body with all the feelings, nightmares and flashbacks that occur day in and day out. It is no wonder that some victims continue to be targeted over and over again. Others become perpetrators as a means of emotional survival.  Still others turn to alcohol, drugs, high risk behaviors and even suicide.

As I said, after years working in the field of mental health and trauma, it never occurred to me that my own children might fall victim to a child molester in the form of the son of a trusted employee.   In May of 2007, my children disclosed to me that my nanny's 13 year old son had beaten, sexually assaulted, and almost killed them – on more than one occasion.

How could this possibly happen to us? I am such a vigilant mother, and I was so selective in picking the 'right' nanny who came highly recommended and was used by other families I knew! Her background check was clear. How could this happen?

This is the question that many struggle with. The pain is indescribable; you can barely exist in your body. My friends told me not to feel guilty, and I never did.... I just felt responsible. It was my job to provide for and protect my children, and I failed. ....Or so I felt.  Sadly, many of us become paralyzed with self-blame instead of going after the perpetrator or focusing on our family's healing. After all, what do we expect from ourselves? No one ever taught us how to be survivors of such heinous crimes.

As if that wasn't challenging enough, my family has suffered once again from yet another assault on my then, 8 year old son, who has been bullied in school since kindergarten. In the fall of 2011 he finally shared his pain when he said “I’d rather die than have to go to school and be tortured by that boy."  Working closely with the department of safe schools, we were able to discover what was causing the 'bully' to 'bully."  The 'bully" then received the help that he needed, and the bullying stopped.

All my experiences as a therapist and advocate had not prepared me for the terrible treatment my family would receive from the authorities in our time of need.  We therapists are mandated to report child abuse or neglect. State and county agencies are supposed to save these children from more pain. Unfortunately, there are glitches in our child protective services that allow children to be returned to their tormentors and let perpetrators to go free while the innocent are blamed for their own suffering.

Too often our states’ attorneys’ hands are tied because those who write the laws and those who enforce them have limited understanding of the complexities of trauma-induced conditions such as post traumatic stress disorder and suicidal ideation that can last long after the causative damage has been done.

Fortunately my children have access to the tools I use to lessen the immediate and longer term effects of their traumas. Others do not. I want to make these treatments available to as many victims and families as possible which is why I have created the Can’t Tell Treatment Program.

I am also keenly aware of many children and families, including those in foster care, who cannot afford treatment.  Everyone deserves to healing and develop the tools they need to live a healthy empowered life.  As a community it is our responsibility to aid in stopping the cycle of suicide and violence.  This begins with treating the people who are most vulnerable to become a part of this hellacious cycle. 

Please join me in supporting those most in need of treatment and aiding our communities in working towards stopping the cycle of suicide and violence.

Please help us make a difference.  We have several opportunities for you and your company to support the Can't Tell Foundation through 'paying it forward' payroll opportunities, sponsorships and private donations.