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                                               SHARI B. KAPLAN, LCSW  and THE CAN'T TELL FOUNDATION

                                         Utilizing Integrative Mental Health and Well-being programs.

                                                                      For individuals of all ages.

The Can't Tell Foundation was founded in 2010, several years after Shari's children were assaulted and nearly killed at ages 2 and 4. Going through the healing and recovery process as a clinician who specialized in trauma, was a surreal experience. She had to apply everything she knew about healing and well-being to her children and herself. She was supported by her friends, colleagues and family. Had it not been for the generous assistance and support of her colleagues, she would not have been able to afford the treatment needed for her children.  The words 'Can't Tell' came from Shari's children. They would chant and scream these in their sleep at night, 'Can't Tell, Can't Tell, Can't Tell.'  

The Foundation was founded in 2011 to offer effective programs that would provide treatment and well-being skills to all people who are in need of help regardless of their ability to pay. Please see the Foundation page for more informations regarding scholarships.

Shari B. Kaplan, LCSW created Integrative mental health and well-being programs in order to help individuals on their path of mind, body and soul healing and  well-being. Shari received her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in Musical Theater from Ithaca College and Masters in Clinical Social Work (MSW) degree from Fordham University. 

Since 1991, Shari has been working with children, adolescents, individuals, couples and families. Her career began in Manhattan with children and families who have HIV/AIDS, as well as children, adolescents, and individuals with neuro-developmental disorders such as autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, schizophrenia and neuro-degenerative disorders. Issues of death and dying, physical and sexual abuse, daily life skills, support groups and substance abuse were among the areas treated. Shari has been a presenter to Family Court judges and attorneys on the special needs of children with HIV/AIDS in foster care, and has created and conducted trainings for clinicians on the Strengths/Perspective, Resiliency Enhancement model. Shari was the co-founder of Corporate Wellness Consultants; shedeveloped and presented trainings for corporations and organizations in the areas of team building, conflict resolution, stress management and gender issues in the work place. Additionally, Shari organized and developed an early intervention program for Incarnation Children Center, a group residence in NYC, for children who have HIV/AIDS.

Shari volunteered at Marianne Williamson’s Manhattan Center for the Living, providing supportive counseling to gay men and woman living with HIV/AIDS. She also volunteered at The Ronald McDonald House in Manhattan, assisting children who have cancer, along with their families, to have some fun and respite in between cancer tests and treatments.

Additionally, Shari has co-authored the article, “The Strengths Perspective in Brief Treatment with Culturally Diverse Clients”which appeared in the international journal, “Brief Treatment/Crisis Intervention.” She also co-authored a chapter in Elaine Norman’s book, Resiliency Enhancement: Putting the Strengths perspective into Social Work Practice.

In private practice, Shari works with children, adolescents, individuals, couples and families. Using Integrative mental health modalities incorporating cognitive/behavioral and psychodynamic approaches, along with EMDR, meditation, mindfulness, educational brain nutrition and other mind/body and brain training skills, Shari successfully treats people with challenges such as anxiety, depression, Obsessive/Compulsive disorders, addictive behaviors, behavioral problems, memory and learning problems, attention deficit issues, social and life skill training, traumatic stress, post-traumatic stress disorders, eating disorders, parenting training, sexuality issues and marital/family issue.

After the birth of her son, who had a central nervous system disorder, she became an avid researcher of neuro-science. Convinced there had to be ways to get her son’s body functioning,  she collaborated with clinicians from all different venues and created protocols of treatment. With the assistance of teachers and therapists from various disciplines she successfully achieved her goal. Shari uses many of these approaches in her current  integrative mental health and well-being  practice  and programs.


An Emmy award-winning producer, Dan’s credits include Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight, Geraldo, Montel, Food Network’s Wolfgang Puck series, and HGTV’s Smart Solutions. He produced an AIDS special with Phil Donahue which earned him an Emmy nomination. While serving as Senior Producer of Geraldo he developed TV’s first Aftercare Program with Dr. Jamie Huysman. He also has strong local TV talk show experience, producing shows in San Francisco, Detroit, and Cleveland.
After 25 years of commercial programming, he worked for nearly a decade in corporate communications at Foxwoods, one of the world’s largest resort casinos, focusing on guest service, employee engagement, and executive media training. He’s recently started Barmont Productions, his own full service video production company. With a strong interest in Non Profit cause marketing, his clients have included Make a Wish and the American Cancer Society. From Charity Fundraising videos to TV and Social Media Development, his company will focus on storytelling in the areas of Health, Healing, History and Heart.?A leading authority, speaker and media expert on caregiver burnout, compassion fatigue and addictions. His 25 year career has been devoted to supporting the “resilience of the human spirit.”

In the 80’s he championed those with addictions and other mental health challenges; in the 90’s he became the “Robin Hood of Talk TV,” creating TV Aftercare™, which provided nearly 7 million dollars of free follow up care for guests from talk, court and reality television shows. Now he has dedicated his professional life to the support and empowerment of caregivers around the world. Today, his focus and passionate commitment are aimed at advocating for Family First-Responders™, his term for family and professional caregivers alike.


Dr. Jamie’s inspirational outreach touches an international audience with motivational movies, affirmations, articles and quotations for Boomers, Zoomers and caregivers worldwide. This information is yours for the asking by signing up for his newsletter on this page!
Dr. Jamie maintains an active speaking and clinical training schedule to keep his personal connection with caregivers and peers vibrant, staying current with their issues and trends across the country. His Psychology Today™ blog is entitled “Life in the Recovery Room” and deals with cutting edge caregiver topics from the world of compassion fatigue and burnout to the new pressing issues of long term care, addictions and the emotional challenges facing our Boomer and seniors’ world.
Dr. Jamie is a frequent article contributor to a variety of aging, wellness and recovery websites and publications. He and his clinical team also offer wellness retreats and trainings for corporations, organizations and caregivers of all kinds throughout North America.
The acclaimed caregiving book Take Your Oxygen First: Protecting Your Health and Happiness While Caring for a Loved One with Memory Loss (LaChance Publishing, 2009) was a collaborative effort with his geriatrician expert and friend Dr. Rosemary Laird and Radio/TV personality Leeza Gibbons. Other works of note include Jamie’s contributions to The Healing Project’s Voices of Caregiving and Voices of Alcoholism.
He created the Leeza’s Place™ program, a psycho-social, community drop in model providing free services and support for family caregivers on behalf of the Leeza Gibbons Memory Foundation, which he co-founded in 2002. It represented a new level of direct service in the growing field of aging care. Beginning in 2003, he oversaw the development and opening of eight separately funded locations around the country. He also pioneered the concept of an American tele-communication platform called the Caregiver Tele-Connection™ while initiating vital long term research, partnering with experts from around the world.
Dr. Jamie continues to serve as an adjunct professor at Florida International University, clinically overseeing doctoral students throughout South Florida. Additionally, he consults to organizations who seek innovative boomer and senior program development and maintains a private practice with locations in Hollywood and Miami, Florida.


Co-founder in Los Angeles

Dr. Brian Satt was born and raised in Los Angeles.  He attended UCLA where he received his BA in Psychology.  He was awarded his doctorate in clinical psychology at The California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles having completed his dissertation by examining the ability of the unborn baby to learn.  This culminated in the release of “A Day in the Life of the Unborn Baby,” audio recordings from inside the womb and “A Sound Beginning” a prenatal parenting program emphasizing bonding, family development and the transition and calming of baby using a “Womb Song”.

He has developed intensive outpatient programs for school districts designed to keep their most difficult high school students functioning and growing in both school and at home.  In the last ten years his attention has turned the deepening of love and intimacy through the development of a Sacred Lovemaking lifestyle, as presented in “Extraordinary Lovemaking Techniques,” found at AdvancingAwareness.com.

He is in private practice in Westlake Village, where he specializes in the removal of disturbing feelings using EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and promotes health and growth by expanding one’s spiritual self.  He is currently devoted to expanding worldwide discussions and building internet communities dedicated to reducing fear and violence by expanding the daily experience of love in peoples’ lives.  He presents this information at his site, Advancing Awareness (AdvancingAwareness.com) and through his phone application “Luv Splats.”

The Can't Tell Foundation is a 501(c)3 not for profit foundation that provides funds and treatment in the area of integrative mental health and well-being approaches, for individuals who are affected by mental/behavioral health disorders, addictive behaviors, abuse, sexual assault and other traumatic stresses. 


Shari B. Kaplan, LCSW and The Can't Tell Foundation have Integrative Mental Health and Well-being programs  located in Boca Raton, Florida and Los Angeles, California.

Shari B. Kaplan, LCSW 

Founder - Creator of the Integrative Mental Health and Well-being Programs

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